TiePie HS3-5 Handyscope



HS3-5 (5 MS/s model)

Handyscope HS3, a portable and compact MOST (Multimeter, Oscilloscope, Spectrum analyzer and Transient recorder).



HS3-5 (5 MS/s model)

The Handyscope HS3 is a versatile USB oscilloscope combined with a function generator in a small package.

The interesting point of the Handyscope HS3 is that once it is connected to a standard PC, there are offered a lot of measuring options which are normally only obtained by using several instruments.

The range of applications for the Handyscope HS3 are fast signals; like serial communication, frequency regulators, TV signals as well as many low-frequency measuring applications like in industrial production machines, office automatization equipment (photocopier, telephone exchange), sensor measurements, mains voltage measurements, startup current at motors, mains pollution measurements, checking slow running processes (e.g. room temperature, pressure and humidity), sound analyses, vibration measurements (like machines, buildings), trend measurements and single failure detection measurements.

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TiePie HS3 Handyscope Datasheet