Sonel MIC-5050 Insulation Resistance Meter



Insulation Resistance Meter


Insulation resistance measurement: up to 20 TΩ,

  • measurement voltage any in the range of: 50…5000 V (50…1000 V at 10 V and 1…5 kV at 25 V),
  • continuous indication of measured insulation resistance or leakage current,
  • automatic discharge of measured object capacitance voltage after the end of insulation resistance measurement,
  • acoustic signaling of 5 seconds intervals to facilitate capturing time characteristics,
  • adjustable measuring time to 99’59’’,
  • metered T1, T2 and T3 test times for measuring one or two absorption coefficients from the range of 1…600 s,
  • polarization index (PI), absorption coefficients Ab1, Ab2 and dielectric absorption ratio (DAR) measurement,
  • indication of actual test voltage during measurement,
  • 1.2 mA, 3 mA and 5 mA test current,
  • insulation resistance measurement using two- or three-wire method,
  • measurements with test leads up to 20 m…
  • protection against measuring live objects,
  • automatic measurement of multiple core cables with the additional AutoISO-5000 adapter
  • measurement of capacitance during the measurement of RISO.
  • measurement of temperature (with additional probe – WASONT1),
  • step voltage insulation resistance measurement (SV),
  • Dielectric Discharge calculation (DD),
  • location of damage (burnout),

Digital filters function for measurements in high noise environment.
Continuity measurement of protective connections and equipotential bonding in accordance with EN 61557-4 with current > 200 mA.
Adjustable limits for measured resistance RISO and RCONT.
Measurement of leakage current during insulation resistance testing.
DC and AC voltage measurement in the range of  0…750 V.

Drawing graphs on the display during measurement.
Innovative  memory  with possibility of description of:  measurement points,  facilities,  names  of  customers.
Operating with mini Bluetooth keyboard (option).
Graphic LCD 5,6’’ backlit.
Keyboard backlit.
Power supply from main power line or battery packs.
Built-in fast charger.
The instruments meet the requirements of the EN 61557 standard

Please call the office for details on accessories.

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Sonel MIC-5050 Datasheet

Insulation resistance measurement
easurement range acc. to IEC 61557-2: UN = 5000 V: 5,00 MΩ …20,0 TΩ

0,0…999 kΩ1 kΩ±(3% m.v. + 10 digits)
1,00…9,99 MΩ0,01 MΩ
10,0…99,9 MΩ0,1 MΩ
100…999 MΩ1 MΩ
1,00…9,99 GΩ0,01 GΩ
10,0…99,9 GΩ0,1 GΩ
100…999 GΩ1 GΩ±(3,5% m.v. + 10 digits)
1,00…9,99 TΩ0,01 TΩ±(7,5% m.v. + 10 digits)
10,0…20,0 TΩ0,1 TΩ±(12,5% m.v. + 10 digits)

Values of measured resistance depending on measurement voltage

Voltage UISOMeasurement
measurement range
50 V200 GΩ20,0 GΩ
100 V400 GΩ40,0 GΩ
250 V1,00 TΩ100 GΩ
500 V2,00 TΩ200 GΩ
1000 V4,00 TΩ400 GΩ
2500 V10,00 TΩ400 GΩ
5000 V20,0 TΩ400 GΩ

Step voltage insulation resistance measurement

Voltage UISOMIC-5050
50…1000 V25 V
1000…5000 V50 V

Continuity measurement of protective connections and equipotential bonding with 200 mA current
Measurement range acc. to EN 61557-4: 0,12…999 Ω

0,00…19,99 Ω0,01 Ω±(2%m.v. + 3 digits)
20,0…199,9 Ω0,1 Ω
200…999 Ω1 Ω±(4%m.v. + 3 digits)
  • Voltage on open terminals:  4…24 V
  • Output current at R  < 15 Ω: min. 200 mA (ISC: 200…250 mA)
  • Compensation of test lead resistance
  • Current flowing in both directions, mean value of resistance is displayed

DC and AC voltage measurement

0.0…29,9 V0,1 V±(2% m.v. + 20 digits)
30,0…299,9 V0,1 V±(2%m.v. + 6 digits)
300…750 V1 V±(2% m.v. + 2 digits)
  • Frequency range: 45…65Hz

Measurement of capacitance

Display rangeResolutionAccuracy
1…999 nF1 nF±(5%m.v. + 5 digits)
1,00…49,99 µF0,01 µF
  • capacity measurement result is displayed after the RISO measurement
  • for measuring voltages under 100 V capacitance measurement accuracy not specified.

Measurement of temperature

Display rangeResolutionAccuracy
-40,0…99,9 °C1 °C±(3%m.v. + 8 digits)
-40,0…211,8 °F1 °F±(3%m.v. + 16 digits)

Electrical safety:

  • type of insulation: double, in acc. with EN 61010-1 and IEC 61557
  • measurement category: IV 600 V (III 1000 V) in acc. with  EN 61010-1
  • case protection rating in acc. with  EN 60529: IP40 (IP67 – with lid closed)

Other technical specifications:

  • power supply of the meter: built-in battery pack,
  • weight of the meter: approx. 5,6 kg,
  • dimensions: 390 x 310 x 180 mm,
  • display: graphic LCD 5,7′,
  • transmission of measurement results USB or Bluetooth®.

The acronym “m.v.” stands for a “measured reference value”.