Leyro LDT 2000 (V1) Precision Digital Thermometer (Range -273 … +350 °C)



Accurate temperature thermometer of two channels PT100 platinum resistance. The measuring range is from -273 … 350 ºC


The LDT 2000 precision thermometer, accuracy 0.02 °C (0.007 °C optional). High resolution 0.001 ºC.

Thermal EMF induced error is eliminated on the whole path between thermometer and the probe by the means of Current Reversal technique.
With its RS232 or USB interface allows the possibility of using PC registry.

Calibration laboratories
Testing Labs
Climate chambers

Accuracy 0.02 °C standard
Accuracy 0.007 ºC Optional
Resolution 0.001 °C (1MK)
Measuring range -273 … +350 °C
Range 0 … 230 Ohm Ω
2 channel
Software included
Inscription (data logger)

Please contact the office for details on accessories.


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Leyro LDT2000 Datasheet

Temperature measurement range-273°C…+350°C (resistance measuring range: 0…230Ω)
ResolutionOption: -150…+850°C
Accuracy0.001°C (1mK), noise ≤ 1mK
Measuring current Pt-100±0.007°C in the range 0°C…100°C
Automatic heating power Pt-100LDT 2000: 0,23mA±10%
Additional equipmentLDT 2000: 5,8µW to 0°C. 1 extension cable 1.8m for temperature probe. 230 VAC ±10%, 45…65 Hz
Feeding4 VA max. 2 VA typical
Power consumption2 x 50 mA 250 V; 5 x 20 mm
FusesFeeding 230V – IEC C14
Connectors2x 6-pin connectors FA. Connecting land takes 4mm. B USB conenctor – USB Interface. DB9 – RS – 232 interface. Transmission speed: 9600: data bits: 8;
RS232 parametersparity: no; stop bits: 1. USB 1.0
Standard USBSCPI support
Communication protocolStorage: -10°C…+60°C
Temperature rangeUsage: 10°C…40°C, non-condensing