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DASYLab Runtime Version incl. ISO8041


DASYLab can be used for almost all measurement, testing and monitoring processes since it is fitted with a wide range of hardware and software interfaces. In engineering just as in validation and
testing. From simple measurements up to the automation of entire test sequences – you only need this one tool to reliably record, analyze, visualize and further process signals of all types. In next to no
time you can turn your PC into another measuring instrument, observe signals from different angles and automate test routines.

You can select from four DASYLab program versions:

In the Lite version, beginners will find all the basic functions they need for PC-supported measurement data acquisition, the Basic version offers extensive additional mathematical and statistical functions. The Full version provides all the major modules for the solution of basic analysis and automation tasks. Over and above this, the Pro version for professional use is fitted with further-reaching analysis functions, the sequence generator and network functions. Furthermore, the Runtime version, which only allows implementation of existing circuit diagram files (.dsb) but not their processing, is also available.